Darknet News, Articles and Updates

Want the inside track on protecting yourself from hackers? try the Dark Web

Finding dark web sites - programming the crawlers to search specific sites - is extremely complicated and difficult because,unlike a surface web address, dark web sites don't use HTTP addresses, but instead use onion addresses.

Darknet markets worth keeping an eye on - you may see your data for sale

Jamie Bartlett, author of The Dark Net, advises monitoring the darknet markets, both to respond to your own data being sold, but also to protect your reputation if passwords are alleged to come from you following a hack elsewhere.

Law enforcement launches worldwide Dark Net crack down

A coordinated, worldwide crack down on the sale if illegal products on the Dark Net took place last week with law enforcement officials from more than a dozen countries taking part.

O2 customers' details sold on darkweb

Customers of the popular mobile network O2 are having their details sold on a dark web marketplace

Japan facing explosion in cyber-crime, claims report

Trend Micro report claims that Japan is about to face a massive spike in cyber-attacks as organised crime gets up to speed with technology

Look beyond the darknet to manage supply chain risk

Vetting staff and contractors, including what they are saying on the internet and the darknet, is vital to protecting your company, says Tim Ramsey.

OPM breach exposed SSNs, personnel records of all fed workers

As it becomes apparent that the federal data breach experienced by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is larger than first believed, exposing the Social Security numbers and personnel records of every federal worker - and as reports emerged that some of those records had surfaced on the darknet - members of Congress clashed over languishing cyber-security legislation.