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Will Cambridge Analytica's data harvesting impact business use on Facebook?

The Information Commissioner's Office is investigating the manner in which data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica harvested millions of Facebook profiles and analysed them for political purposes and to target voters during Brexit.

The tumultuous relationship between data and security

Companies struggle to understand, let alone quantify, their data risk and exposure. A new approach unites data operators managing and securing data with data consumers who need data to do their job.

Coding protection directly into your data

Data breaches often stem from poorly-managed records. By encoding critical information about the records into the files themselves, companies can create a platform for security, efficiency and cost management.

AI in cyber-security - are we trying to run before we can crawl?

Intelligent and automated systems are currently being touted as the next step in cyber-security to help combat the 'always-on' cyber-criminal, but are they right for us? And are we prepared for them?

RSA 2016 (video): Interview with Akamai VP of engineering Ohad Parush

As attacks become more complex, large datasets can help identify attackers across multiple sites, says Ohad Parush, VP of engineering at Akamai.

Three things real-time DNS analysis can reveal about cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities

New tools are making real time data analysis and exploration of DNS traffic possible. This is turning previously ignored data into a source of valuable insight says Chris Griffiths.