Data Breaches News, Articles and Updates

Russian hacker handed 27 years, 'longest sentence ever', in US courts

Roman Seleznev, a Russian born master hacker, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for the unprecedented scale of his financial crimes.

Has this new Black Duck report sunk Linus's Law once and for all?

Black Duck's new report showcasing widespread vulnerabilities in open source software challenges the widely and tightly held belief in Linus' law.

Hotel chain giant card payment breach could have 'over 1000' locations

A breach on the card systems of a major international hotel chain looks much larger than initially expected.

1.7M Snapchat user details allegedly posted in India

After alleged comments from Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel appeared in Variety, hackers in India, as yet unidentified, took the disparaging remarks personally and in an apparent act of revenge claimed to have posted personal details of 1.7 million Snapchat users online.

Update to RingGo app leaves thousands of UK drivers' data exposed

An update to car parking payment app "RingGo" has led to the exposure of the personal details of thousands of UK drivers.

Hackers compromise third-party vendor Amazon accounts

The threat actors have reportedly changed the bank-deposit information on the compromised accounts to steal thousands from the users.

Gemalto Breach Level Index: 1.4bn data records compromised in 2016

Almost 1.4 billion data records compromised in 2016 as hackers targeted large-scale databases across multiple industries.

Sports Direct and the data breach - a tale of destroyed trust

Brian Vecci discusses last year's Sports Direct data breach and how the company has been accused of failing to tell its employees that their personal details may have been accessed by a hacker.

New York data breaches rise by 60% due to hacking and insiders

The New York attorney general has announced a large rise in reported data breaches over 2016.

Accounts switched around as Three mobile customers report new breaches

Three Mobile customers of Three UK are reporting logging into their accounts only to find the information of complete strangers.

IT admin sued by ex-employer for alleged malicious insider data theft

One IT administrator is being sued by a former employer for allegedly accessing the company's networks in his new job to gain some kind of competitive advantage.

$1.6 million for breached customers as US retailer Neiman Marcus settles

After a long legal battle, US retailer Neiman Marcus will pay a settlement of US$1.6 million (£1.2 million) in the wake of a 2013 data breach.

Indian McDelivery App leaks the personal data of 2.2 million

One cyber-security company has spotted McDonald's India leaking the personally identifiable information of millions of customers.

Trump announces $1.5bn for cyber-security and critical infrastructure

Trump's first budget intends to strengthen the federal state of cyber-security by allotting $1.5 billion to the Department of Homeland Security.

Celebgate repeat? Private images of Emma Watson and others leaked

In a manner that is becoming too familiar, hackers have once again broken into the iCloud accounts of female celebrities.

US charges Russian intelligence agents with 2015 Yahoo Breach

A Northern California court has issued an indictment for four individuals - two Russian hackers and two Russian intelligence officials for the massive breach on Yahoo in 2015

Massive data leak in US Air Force exposes details of 4,000+ officers

An unnamed lieutenant colonel's unsecured backup drive is the alleged cause of leak which exposed the private personal details of over 4000 US Air Force Officers.

Yahoo CEO may depart with $23M

Yahoo shareholders will be voting soon on whether to approve a severance package that would award the departing CEO Marissa Mayer with more than US$23 million in cash and stock.

Chinese police bust nearly 100 in crackdown on insider threats and data theft

Nearly 100 suspects have been arrested by Chinese police in a nationwide crackdown on data theft.

Thousands of NHS Wales staff lose personal data in breach

The details of thousands of NHS staffers in Wales have been stolen from the servers of a private contractor, Landauer.

TalkTalk customers report fraud calls from fake TalkTalk employees

Reports have come in from TalkTalk customers saying that they're the targets of a tech support scam. Further investigation has linked the scam to two call centres in India.

Home Depot pays out $25 million as it settles class action suit

Home Depot has settled its class action suit, agreeing to pay out millions of US dollars for failing to protect the credit card data of over 50 million customers in a 2014 breach.

US W-2 forms vs healthcare records: which is more valuable?

A debate has been sparked as to whether the illicit premiums made on healthcare records could soon be eclipsed by the theft of W-2 records in the US

One million Yahoo and Gmail account passwords for sale on the dark web

More than one million Yahoo and Gmail accounts - including usernames, email addresses and plain text passwords - are reportedly for sale on the dark web

Yahoo CEO forgoes bonus as 32 million breach victims revealed

A recent regulatory filing from Yahoo has revealed more victims of its 2014 breach. This time, it is not just users but Yahoo's senior executives.

'Data security incident' affects 36K Boeing workers

A Boeing employee seeking assistance with an Excel formatting issue emailed a spreadsheet to his spouse containing personal data of 36,000 Boeing employees.

Finding answers in the aftermath. Visibility = coverage + integration

Noam Rosenfeld discusses how forensics is used to understand the scale of a breach, damage done and the cyber-criminal who committed the offence.

Verizon deal: Breaches discount Yahoo 350 million below original price

After nearly a year of negotiations and the disclosure of two of the largest breaches ever reported, Verizon and Yahoo have finally come to a deal with Yahoo being discounted by a hefty sum.

Hack of Aberdeen City Council cost the local authority £10,000

Last month, an Algerian-linked hacking group defaced the website of Aberdeen City Council.

Attack on our NHS...and this time it's from cyber-space

Chris Welch discusses what healthcare organisations in the UK should be doing to protect themselves against cyber-attacks.