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HBO breach accomplished with hard work by hacker, poor security practices by victim

Cyber-security executives are speculating the HBO hack by "Mr. Smith" was the result of the intruder putting in a tremendous amount of effort to infiltrate the entertainment giant.

Steganography attacks - using code hidden in images - increasing

Attacks using code hidden in pictures are difficult to detect and increasing in frequency but protective measures will get better say researchers.

UniCredit Bank's third party leads to hack on 400,000 clients

An attack on Italian bank, UniCredit, has led to the accounts of 400,000 loan customers being accessed.

ICYMI: Home IoT; £40 bn attack bill; Bupa leak; malware duo; Dow Jones

In Case You Missed It: IoT home vulnerability; Cyber attacks cost £40 bn; Bupa insider data leak; dual malware vectors; Dow Jones data at risk

£23 million in Ethereum coins stolen from vulnerable multi-sig wallets

Vulnerabilities in the wallet.sol Ethereum wallet led to the theft of millions of pounds worth of the cryptocurrency by hackers.

Lloyd's of London: Major global cyber-attacks could cost £40 billion

Lloyd's of London has come through with a new report that will provide great clarity to cyber insurers

Insider at healthcare giant BUPA Global leaks 547,000 customer records

An insider has compromised health insurance company BUPA, exposing the records of 547,000 customers.

Verizon 3rd party data security vendor exposes six million accounts

A Verizon third party vendor's misconfiguration a storage repository left the data of a potential six million customers out in the open last month.

What Breach? AA fails to alert customers after server leaks card data

Though the AA's shop was reportedly leaking payment card data, the motoring association did not alert customers.

As SME games company is fined 60k, ICO promises that none will be spared

A Northamptonshire games company has been fined, as an example that any, big or small, who break the rules will be dealt with accordingly says ICO.

Unprotected web applications: The new security frontier. So reprioritise

Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh discusses the latest trend regarding data breaches as observed by Verizon; namely, the targeting of web applications in data breaches.

Microsoft: CheckPoint research overestimates global Fireball epidemic

Microsoft has cast doubt on a CheckPoint report earlier this month which said that a piece of adware has infected nine percent of networks globally.

Anthem to pay out "largest settlement ever" for 2015 data breach

The US' second largest health insurer is to pay out the largest settlement ever for a data breach.

MPs and Virgin Media customers both caught in password snafu

It would appear both need a lesson on password-hygiene: government ministers are re-using government credentials for social media accounts, and Virgin Media customers aren't changing their default router password.

Bad habits put UK SMEs at risk of data breaches and unauthorised use

Ten percent of small business owners and employees in the UK admit to having poor security habits. The surveyed individuals admitted to regularly sharing confidential files on personal devices or sending documents to their personal emails rather than work emails.

Update: University College London fights off ransomware infection

One of London's most prestigious universities is fighting off a ransomware infection, according to its information security team.

Verizon closes Yahoo deal for $4.48 billion after long, bumpy road

Verizon has finally acquired Yahoo, at a discounted price, after a deal marred by the admission that Yahoo had been subject to two of the largest breaches ever recorded.

UK's Privacy watchdog Heartbleeds Gloucester City council for £100k

Gloucester City Council must pay £100,000 to the Information Commissioner after it fell victim to the HeartBleed vulnerability, months after it had been patched.

Apple contractors based in China caught selling customer data

Authorities in China have unmasked a massive underground market where Apple contractors were selling user data of Apple's Chinese customers.

Hackers post plastic surgery clinic's patient files after blackmail campaign

Hackers on Tuesday publicly posted more than 25,000 files and private images stolen from a Lithuanian plastic surgery clinic

Russian closer to extradition for accusations of LinkedIn and Dropbox hacks

A Russian accused by the FBI of hacking into a number of US companies is a step closer to extradition from the Czech Republic.

Over 560 million breached account credentials curated in 'Combo List'

Kromtech researcher finds massive database of account credentials collated and curated from previously published data breaches.

UK consumers have lost trust in businesses that mishandle data

Two-thirds of the UK public have lost trust in or even boycotted businesses that mishandle data.

The data breach as a non-event: minimising the impact of the inevitable

Intrusions by hackers are all but inevitable, but Matt Little says organisations can minimise the damage from a breach by encrypting their proprietary information and customer data.

Brooks Brothers breach in payment card palaver for a year

The clothing retailer has had payment card malware harvesting customer details for nearly a year.

UK and US businesses overconfident in preparedness of data breaches

Despite most UK and US businesses reporting cyber-security breaches in the last year, large numbers of them overestimate their readiness to fight breaches.

The ABTA cyber-breach: the importance of strong SLAs in the run up to GDPR

Jon Lucas explores the security features that organisations should look for when entrusting their data to managed service providers.

Guardian Soulmates get bawdy spam as third-party error exposes data

The users of Guardian Soulmates have gotten the Ashley Madison treatment as an exposure of user data has led to a series of users receiving lascivious spam emails.

Breach of UK's Debenhams site impacts 26,000 consumers

The Flowers website of Debenhams, the UK's largest department store chain (in outlet numbers), was hit with a breach.

Election hack? "Could've been China," Trump says

"Could've been China, could've been a lot of different groups," the US president said.