Data centres warned to be prepared for energy shortages

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Energy shortages this winter could impact data centres.

Energy shortages this winter could impact data centres.


According to a report by CapGemini, the UK is closer to facing major power shortages than at any time for 20 years with Britain still no closer to solving the dilemma of how to meet higher demand while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


A lack of energy could impact upon large data centres and one expert has claimed that businesses should incorporate this scenario into their business continuity and disaster recovery planning.


Owen Cole, technical director UK at F5 Networks, said: “They cannot assume consistency of power supply. Strategic planning should incorporate a two-fold approach – working out firstly how to conserve energy, and secondly how to use energy more efficiently without affecting the business.


“Modern data centres can use the equivalent energy to small towns. Given the huge amount of power involved, heat efficient resources must be considered to allow power conservation, so if electricity supply is cut, backup generators can use this excess energy to help ensure critical operations are running.


“On the usage side, imperatives include reviewing options around the dynamic provisioning and de-provisioning of equipment on a per-need basis, thereby using only necessary power. 


“On the national policy level, if we don't make plans to cope with the possible restricted supply of energy, we face becoming more reliant on other countries – we might have to buy in our supply.  This sort of loss of control over energy policy isn't a favourable scenario.”


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