Simplexo has created a software developers' kit (SDK) to enable users to keep information stored in corporate databases secure.

According to the company, the Simplexo Data-Secure SDK is based on AES 256 x 2 encryption and has been built to enable developers and database administrators to have a toolset with which to secure and search database records. This is done by providing the user with a set of C++, .NET and PHP modules, which can be integrated into existing projects and systems.

Simon Bain, CTO at Simplexo, said: “According to research commissioned by the Cloud Industry Forum, one of the biggest barriers hindering cloud uptake centres on security, so Data-Secure SDK aims to address this head-on, delivering confidence for organisations and consumers alike.”

The SDK also allows for website user databases to be secured. “Because we see that hacking is inevitable, we have worked hard to find ways of making the database information useless to any would-be hackers. We've created a way for all database records to be fully encrypted while remaining searchable,” said Bain.

“This means that there are now no excuses for not having the information stored in your databases encrypted.”