Data Hacks News, Articles and Updates

Wheat a moment: Multigrain malware uses DNS to steal POS data

Multigrain malware targets specific processes operating on point-of-sale systems and then exfiltrates data to command and control servers via DNS queries.

ISIS insider breach 'reveals' personal info of 20,000 jihadist recruits

ISIS has suffered an apparent insider data breach, allowing security agencies fighting the terrorist group to gather highly useful information.

TalkTalk loses 250,000 customers post-breach - now supplier scam too

Talk Talk has lost seven percent of its broadband customers since its data breach, and in India arrests have been made as part of an investigation into phone scams targeting TalkTalk customers.

UK workers' approaches to fight data hacks are outdated

Two-thirds of UK workers feel more defenceless against data hacks than they did a year ago.