Data Leak News, Articles and Updates

Apple's closely-guarded iBoot source code made public on GitHub

Apple's proprietary iBoot source code which loads iOS when iPhones are powered on, leaked on GitHub yesterday, exposing the code to cyber-criminals looking to jailbreak iPhones or to exploit vulnerabilities in the booting process.

Morrisons supermarket held liable after employee leaks data

Supermarket chain Morrison's was found liable, in a first of its kind data leak class action suit, for the actions of a former employee who stole the data on thousands of his co-workers and posted it online.

Unencrypted PII records leaked from WWE database hosted on AWS server

Bob Dyachenko, the Kromtech security researcher who discovered the data leak of 3 million WWE fans, says it was most likely accessible thanks to a misconfiguration by either WWE or a contractor.

Singapore armed forces lose servicemen's personal data

On Tuesday Singapore's armed forces were hit by revelations that the personal data belonging to some 850 servicemen was stolen.

Capgemini leaks 780,000 Michael Page job candidate CVs

UK-based international recruitment firm Michael Page has had a database of 780,000 of its job applicants from around the world accidentally leaked by consulting firm Capgemini.

Guessing passwords of targeted users easier than you think, warn researchers

A new report that demonstrates how hackers can easily crack a targeted user's passwords with a minimal amount of information underscores the dangers of data leaks and poor password management.

Email of White House staffer hacked, purported scan of First Lady's passport leaked

The White House has announced a cyber-security breach, as a purported photocopy of Michelle Obama's passport appears online.