Data Leakage News, Articles and Updates

Google Play app Dune! leaks data & geolocation

Dune! an app on the Google Play store that has been downloaded over five million times in the past few weeks, has been found to have a data and geolocation leak according to a blog post by Pradeo.

Steganography attacks - using code hidden in images - increasing

Attacks using code hidden in pictures are difficult to detect and increasing in frequency but protective measures will get better say researchers.

Network routers could leak data from LED lights, say Israeli researchers

Israeli scientists have demonstrated a method to steal data from common routers through blinking lights, but no known malware currently uses this vulnerability.

The silent killer - your company lifeblood is leaking unseen every day

Aidan Simister believes the silent killer is often overlooked by businesses while spending time and money on well-marketed threats and the problem isn't realised until it's too late.

Student discovers security flaw in Virgin Media recruitment system

A student has discovered a security vulnerability in the software which Virgin Media uses for recruitment and job applications.

Russian officials face sack for using Western mobile apps

As new laws limiting Russian officials from using non-approved software come into force next month, those contravening the regulations are warned they face being fired.

Orgs must address the possibility of data leakage to prepare for GDPR

With the GDPR set to change cyber-security regulation in Europe and more than nine in 10 organisations reporting a data breach in the last five years, businesses need to quickly put measures in place to prevent the loss of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

WhatsApp chats aren't getting deleted completely

Researcher finds that WhatsApp leaves traces of all chats in the database of iOS devices, leaving the user vulnerable should the phone be forensically examined.

A pox on your servers: dormant vulnerability patched after 15 years

Admins scramble to patch HTTP proxy header flaw, Httpoxy, that leaks data via PHP, Go and Python scripts running in a CGI environment.

Two-thirds of used hard drives hold personally identifiable data

New research from the Blancco Technology Group shows personal data remaining on old eBay and Craigslist hard drives long after they go out of use

National Childbirth Trust suffers major data breach

The National Childbirth Trust has become the latest victim of hackers seeking to plunder data from every source possible on the internet.

[Updated] Panama Papers: Who let the docs out?

The leaking of 11.5 million documents has underscored the vulnerability of data on electronic systems and raised the intriguing question of who did it?

Android messaging apps leaking data through 'surreptitious sharing'

Vulnerability in Unix-based file permissions exposed passwords, private keys and message histories when users share images and other files.

SC Congress: 'GDPR is a measure of just how seriously we take data'

Emma Philpot, Renate Samson and Emily Taylor gathered at the SC Congress to discuss the impending EU regulations on data privacy

Yet more VTech vulnerabilites exposed

The security consultancy Pen Test Partners has found major security vulnerabilities in VTech devices, only adding to the bill of mistakes that the toy company has made over the past weeks.

Encrypted medical databases shown to leak information

Microsoft research finds record vulnerable to data leakage