Data Loss Prevention News, Articles and Updates

38% of UK orgs have no data loss prevention solutions

Most security pros (88 percent) say that they are happy with their organisation's security strategy, but 38 percent admit that their company doesn't have dedicated data loss prevention solutions in place.

Simple steps for safe cloud storage

A common-sense approach to cloud storage will ensure your valuable data remains safe and secure, says Thomas Chappelow.

Is cyber-security the IP of the 21st century?

In the changing online world, new measures must be put in place to protect intangible assets, says Margee Abrams.

Why a company's greatest vulnerability is its people

While Snowden, high-profile data breaches and hacking dominate the headlines, the more pernicious risk to business continues to be simple human error, says Tony Pepper.

The second coming of DLP: Learning lessons from the past

2015 could be the year of DLP, argues Guy Bunker.

Are digital loss prevention and signature-based anti-virus living on borrowed time?

Should fingerprint-based data leakage protection be declared dead asks Peter Tyrrell, suggesting it just doesn't scale for the hyper-connected world.

The end of penetration testing in sight?

With the attack surface, or perimeter, expanding exponentially, and attackers inside the network, the focus should now be on finding and stoping them - concentrating on how data leaves the system - says Chris Marrison.

ICO warns on leaving employees walking off with company info

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has warned staff that walking off with the personal information of their employer when changing jobs is a criminal offence.

48% of e-tailers hit by financial information loss

Research just published claims that online merchants and financial service providers have become the two biggest sources of stolen banking information.

Insiders can use whistleblowing tools to steal data without a trail

The tools exist to by-pass many data leakage programmes and facilitate mass exfiltration of data, so enable internal whistelblowing - to avoid external access says Edward Parsons.

83% don't know where their sensitive data is located

With the transition to the cloud, the ability to track and secure the data at all points of its lifecycle is critical - Will Semple, Alert Logic

'Take responsibility for your own security' - IFG

Information sharing, responsibility for security, and the balance between the state and the individual were among topics covered by the International Fraud Group forum.

Government classification scheme acts as learning point

If you don't classify your data, you don't know what needs protecting says Martin Sugden, suggesting the latest GSC scheme emphasises the importance of data.

UK firms 'shockingly' naive over security

Survey reveals that recent major data breaches have had little impact on retail companies' cyber security controls.

Changing the cost of cybercrime

Oganisations need to cooperate and share threat intelligence in order to increase the cost of cyber attacks for hackers suggests Russ Spitler, VP product management, AlienVault

BT customer data 'exposed'claims ICO

BT is being investigated by the UK's privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), over claims that the user names and passwords of millions of its email customers were exposed to hacking.

Morrisons supermarket succumbs to insider threat

Staff pay and bank details posted by suspected insider at Morrisons.

PRISM fiasco highlights the dangers of password sharing

Snowden has highlighted the need for staff training to ensure password sharing is prevented explains Francois Amigorena, CEO of IS Decisions

IBM develops a way to process encrypted data

A researcher at IBM has developed a way to analyse encrypted data without decoding it, according to a statement from IBM

Survey: CISOs worried about insiders, data breaches

Eighty per cent of CISOs believe their company's own employees and contractors are the greatest threat to company data, according to a new study conducted by security vendor NetWitness and audit-and-information-security training company MIS Training Institute.