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Further thoughts on the year ahead with data destruction a bigger threat

After a year of high-profile cyber-security issues, rounded off by a PayPal data breach that exposed the PII of 1.6 million customers, data security looks set to be at the top of business agendas throughout 2018.

Third of UK cyber-security execs expect to be hacked: report

Ransomware, phishing attacks and data loss are the three biggest issues that concern UK cyber-security executives.

Self-inflicted ransomware: Is your data hostage to uncontrolled encryption?

Employees have to choose between leaving data unprotected, disrupting their work to use the company encryption tool, or protecting data on their own; once an employee encrypts a file on their own, the company has no control.

UK consumers have lost trust in businesses that mishandle data

Two-thirds of the UK public have lost trust in or even boycotted businesses that mishandle data.

Data firm alerts of open web being used to trade stolen credentials

A data feed firm sees stolen credentials being traded in broad daylight, so to speak.

76% of organisations suffer loss or theft of data in past two years

Over the past two years, three out of every four organisations have been hit by the loss or theft of important data.

Forum to help Irish businesses understand and combat cyber-crime

More than half of Irish companies don't provide regular cyber-security training to their staff.

CPS working on new system to curb data losses

A report from two watchdogs has found that due to data being shared on computer discs, police and prosecutors are losing sensitive case information, but the CPS is promising a new system.

Facebook fights back after court gives it 48 hours to stop tracking non-users

Facebook will fight the court's ruling which threatens "one of our important technologies to stop attackers".

Liquid damage takes cake as lead cause of data loss on mobile devices

Kroll Ontrack's quarterly data loss index (DLI) shows that more than two out of five (41 percent) cases of data loss for mobile devices and tablets are due to liquid damage.

Data storage stolen at Lloyds, customer account data lost

Lloyds Bank data storage device stolen from an RSA data centre two months ago contains customer names, addresses, sort codes and account numbers for Lloyds' Premier Account customers who had Royal Sun Alliance emergency home cover attached to their bank account between 2006 and 2012.

The Carphone Warehouse cyber-attack: a wake-up call to UK business

The Carphone Warehouse cyber-attack shows the potential cost of a cyber-attack but cyber-insurance can help mitigate it, says Simon Gilbert.

Google facility in Europe loses data due to lightning strikes

After lightning struck a local utility grid, one of Google's European data centres suffered a power outage that led to "some" permanent data loss.

Massive hole in Facebook security leaves users at risk of data theft

Facebook loophole could let hackers slurp personal data using algorithm

Adultery-dating website Ashley Madison hacked

Online 'adultery dating' website Ashley Madison has been hacked by a group calling itself 'The Impact Team', with 37 million customers' details potentially exposed.

VPN services at risk from IPv6 vulnerability

Users who have opted for a VPN service could be at risk from hackers thanks to the way that providers handle IPv6 traffic.

PwC: Almost all large companies suffered a data breach last year

A government-commissioned report, carried out by PwC, has found that data breaches are rolling in thick and fast for UK firms - and the costs are mounting up.

Average data breach costs £4.25M

In a year already characterised by huge data breaches at healthcare organisations and at major government entities, it's no surprise that victims' personal information is a hot commodity.

UK web admin tool infected to access 'gold mine' of data

A Trojanised version of the popular UK-developed PuTTY web admin tool, which can steal highly sensitive data, has been discovered by Symantec.

Law firms accused of being negligent with client data

Information is the lifeblood of modern business, no less so than in the lofty eyries of the legal eagles, where sensitive client information is analysed and monetised.