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Writing authorisation policies to secure big data

Enforcing authorisation directly at the data level can be incredibly powerful as it could mean minimal or no changes to the applications that are accessing the data itself says Jonas Iggbom.

Cyber-security experts criticise data handling processes after HIV clinic email error

Security experts have criticised the processes that allowed the names and email addresses of hundreds of HIV-positive patients in London to be revealed in an email newsletter.

Unexpected obstacles on the road to maximising information value

Despite the objective of releasing greater business value from information, most businesses prioritise locking it down, says Sue Trombley

NHS data privacy plans 'flawed'

Big Data analysis allows identification of individuals via anonymised data.

Data storage - why the world needs tape more than ever

The days of magnetic tape as a storage media need not be over says Christian Toon who makes the case for revisiting its attributes.

Under lock and key

Deploying appropriate technology is necessary to protect business critical information stored within racks and cabinets at data centres says Mark Hirst.

Government classification scheme acts as learning point

If you don't classify your data, you don't know what needs protecting says Martin Sugden, suggesting the latest GSC scheme emphasises the importance of data.

UK firms 'shockingly' naive over security

Survey reveals that recent major data breaches have had little impact on retail companies' cyber security controls.

Reducing risk by management of access privileges

Courion survey: 78 percent of IT security executives are anxious about the possibility of a data breach, but do other employees feel the same?

Islands of identity hard to track

New poll shows 94 percent of IT security professionals use third party apps on their mobile devices making it harder for IT to track and manage.

BT customer data 'exposed'claims ICO

BT is being investigated by the UK's privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), over claims that the user names and passwords of millions of its email customers were exposed to hacking.

ICO fines Northern Ireland Govt Agency £185,000

The Department of Justice of Northern Ireland has been hit with a £185,000 fine from the ICO after leaking the physical personal information relating to victims of a terrorist incident.

Patient data could be vulnerable in new NHS database

The National Health Service is to start saving patient data onto a centralised database, but with improved manageability comes concerns over potential breaches and data losses.

Disaster recovery: Is the message getting through?

Gale force winds are battering Scotland and the North of England - so businesses should invest in disaster recovery solutions.

SC Data Protection Summit: Do not surrender data control by moving to the cloud

A move to the cloud cannot result in a loss of control of data, as due diligence should be done before and during the outsourcing process.