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US National Cyber Security Alliance Data Privacy Day

In the US the National Cyber Security Alliance's Data Privacy Day kick off event took place on 25 January, three days before the actual event yesterday, and featured several events including a conference that was livestreamed.

The myths and the maths of GDPR

Not everything you thought you knew about GDPR is correct, and a corporate governance approach to GDPR is better than a cyber-security approach says David Froud.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - what you need to know

May 2018 signals a watershed moment for data protection regulation which should be seen an opportunity for greater emphasis to be afforded to information security, and the processes that support this across organisations.

Privacy update: accountability for your data practices. Honesty enforced

GDPR - Process change is just the beginning, but more interestingly we will see new technologies and use-cases being born and blossom that we can't yet imagine says Todd Ruback.

UK ITDMs trust Germany and the US most for data storage after the UK

According to a Bitdefender study, an overwhelming majority of UK IT decision makers (ITDMs) have the most confidence in data storage in their own country.

Gemalto Breach Level Index: 1.4bn data records compromised in 2016

Almost 1.4 billion data records compromised in 2016 as hackers targeted large-scale databases across multiple industries.

Data centres are on the move - where will they end up?

Tech companies are seeking to move their data centres out of the UK's jurisdiction to avoid any data privacy issues due to Brexit and the GDPR.