Data Protection Act News, Articles and Updates

UK also wants to be forgotten: new data protection regulation proposed

UK proposes new data protection regulation in line with GDPR for a post-Brexit world, including right-to-be-forgotten, heavy fines, and new rules on data gathering - expected in Autumn.

London NHS trust fined £180K by Information Commissioner for HIV data leak

The ICO has levied a £180,000 fine against a London HIV clinic for accidentally divulging the names and email addresses of 780 patients.

Landmark European data protection judgement

Pan-European operations can now be subject to the data protection laws of each country (not just the one they are established in) following a ECJ ruling yesterday.

Health apps fail to protect personal data

New research casts doubt on data security and privacy of apps

ICO 'free to warn Whitehall' after move from Ministry of Justice

The UK's data privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), has been freed from the control of the Ministry of Justice.

The information security landscape of the future

Will your organisation wake up to a data protection nightmare in 2017, asks Stephen Midgley.

Harmonised EU data protection and fines by the end of the year

Harmonised EU data protection reform should be in place by the end of this year according to representatives at a 'trilogue' meeting of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the council of national justice ministers yesterday.

New EU data protection law looms near, but are security teams ready?

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is on course to be introduced this year, but politicians and IT security teams are not completely sold on it.

'Practical' ICO may not issue huge data breach fines

The ICO has called for a more 'practical' approach to data protection regulation in light of advancing technology, limited resources and the incoming EU Data Generation Protection Regulation - and this might result in more 'tellings off' and less fines.

Google-Vidal Hall "opens the floodgates" to data breach compensation

March's landmark ruling by the London Court of Appeal that just three UK persons could sue Google over cookie privacy violation has far reaching consequences as far as breach compensation is concerned.

A year of trouble and strife for Google and the 'Right to be forgotten'

One year ago the European Court of Justice ruled that Google should remove URL links from its search engine at the request of just one internet user; now, the tech giant finds itself fighting a privacy battle against users, regulators, academics and activists.

Banks could be first to be hit by EU privacy fines

Nearly half of European IT professionals would struggle to meet the reporting requirements of new EU data protection regulation. That's according to a survey from Varonis, who also found that a third of organisations did not have a plan to enable them to comply with the new legislation.

ICYMI: EU data protection laws, Skype hackers and the return of Pirate Bay

In its week's ICYMI, we look at the top news articles on SC the last week including EU data protection laws, Skype hackers and the re-launch of Pirate Bay.

ICYMI: EU data protection, iPhone spyware and Flash zero-days

The latest ICYMI column looks at the biggest stories on SC this week, including worrying news on EU data protection laws, claims of iPhone spyware and new Flash Player zero-days.

New EU data protection law to arrive in 2015

The European Union has indicated that the widely-awaited General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come to fruition before the end of the year.

Infosec teams unprepared for new EU data protection laws

More than a third of IT security teams are unprepared for the EU's two incoming data protection laws, according to a new study from FireEye.

New data privacy law could be delayed until 2016

Objections from the UK could delay implementation of a new data protection bill until 2016

Tech experts want new UK data protection law for biometrics

A panel compromising the former head of GCHQ, leading scientists and privacy rights campaigners raised concerns over the use of biometrics at a government committee meeting earlier this week.

ICYMI: Defining APTs, new TLS bugs and NHS data breaches

TLS bugs, the definition of an advanced persistent threat and new figures on NHS data breaches are the pick of the stories in the latest In Case You Missed It column.

ICO warns on leaving employees walking off with company info

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has warned staff that walking off with the personal information of their employer when changing jobs is a criminal offence.

The future of data protection

Increased consequences for the loss of non-financial data, especially fines from regulators, is expected to drive a more rigorous approach to data protection suggests Fergus Kennedy.

UK watchdog ICO complains about limited powers

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has once again hit out at its limited powers, but might get more resources and money when new EU data protection laws go live.

Wikipedia contests EU ruling on 'right to be forgotten'

Wikipedia has been criticised for deciding not to comply with the 'right to be forgotten', a key proponent of the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Law, with UK watchdog ICO also voicing concerns over logistics.

UK government proposes public sector data sharing

A leaked document reveals that the British government plans to revise data collection laws so that it can share personal details on earnings, tax and criminal records, benefits payments and more with all agencies in the public sector.