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Who will be your organisation's data protection superhero?

The Data Protection Officers required by the new European General Data Protection Regulation can be very difficult to find. But there is a rare breed of cloud providers whose data management skills make them ideal.

SC Congress 2018 Security best practices needed to stay in line with GDPR

It's not enough to do the minimum necessary now with enforcement of new rules less than 100 days away.With GDPR coming into force less than 100 days, organisations need to make sure they are using best practices for security now.

Mulvaney ditches CFPB's Equifax probe

Mick Mulvaney, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has backburnered a comprehensive investigation into Equifax's data protection practices after hackers stole the personal data of 145.5 million American consumers.

Four things you can do right now to prepare for GDPR compliance

Many organisations need to implement technology upgrades and end-to-end protection to assist them in meeting GDPR's data privacy requirements.

VMware repairs three critical bugs in vSphere Data Protection

VMware issued patches on Wednesday for a trio of critical vulnerabilities in its vSphere Data Protection backup and recovery solution. The problem was found in versions 6.1.x, 6.0.x, and 5.x, and repaired in versions 6.1.6 and 6.0.7.

Chief data officers crucial to future-proof businesses & win public trust

Dr Jamie Graves at ZoneFox explains why Chief Data Officers are crucial for future-proofing businesses and winning back the public's trust.

How ISO 27001 can help your organisation meet GDPR requirements

Making use of ISO 27001 can assist an organisation to be GDPR compliant in several key areas and they can then use this certification to demonstrate a level of GDPR compliance.

All EU bodies urged to follow same data protection rules

Data protection rules for EU institutions, bodies and agencies must cover all EU bodies to ensure strong and coherent data protection safeguards and avoid loopholes says the European Parliament's lead MEP.

"Wearables are being adopted by the healthcare industry but data privacy concerns need to be addressed"

If we are to take advantage of the opportunities offered by wearables in healthcare, safeguarding of personal and sensitive data must be a prime concern, with features to support privacy and protection against misuse of data.

Full Disk Encryption (FDE) - getting off on the right foot protecting data

Deploying BitLocker is only a start to effective full disk encryption explains Mark Hickman adding that on-demand encryption/decryption must be made easy, even transparent for employees, or they to look for hacks.

Privacy update: accountability for your data practices. Honesty enforced

GDPR - Process change is just the beginning, but more interestingly we will see new technologies and use-cases being born and blossom that we can't yet imagine says Todd Ruback.

Data protection - are you seeing the big picture? Or swamped in minutiae?

Focus on the big picture of what GDPR and DPB are trying to achieve, and not the minutiae of a document.advises Marco Dos Santos.

The now generation: planning and securing your endpoints on the move

Mark Hickman, COO at WinMagic, discusses making the importance of delivering an infrastructure that meets the demands of the now generation, whilst protecting data.

House of Lords to report on post-Brexit GDPR, Germany first to enact GDPR

The GDPR klaxon rings: Germany becomes the first country to pass the GDPR through its legislative process, as Lords in the UK release a report on what post-Brexit GDPR will look like.

ICO, surprisingly, doesn't lose its mind over NHS DeepMind experiment

Despite ruling that the Royal Free NHS Trust failed to comply with data protection laws in its experiment with Google DeepMind, the ICO has not slapped the trust with a fine, saying, "The Data Protection Act is not a barrier to innovation."

UK and US businesses overconfident in preparedness of data breaches

Despite most UK and US businesses reporting cyber-security breaches in the last year, large numbers of them overestimate their readiness to fight breaches.

ICYMI: Intel bug; early disclosure; counter-terror expo; Kaspersky; Macron

In Case You Missed It: Intel AMT bug; MS early disclosure spat; counter-terror expo; Kaspersky accused; Macron's DP.

You must protect your 'Crown Jewels' - the key strategic decision

In our jobs as security professionals, Stu Hirst says we face a daily challenge of where to invest our efforts (and indeed company budget) to protect our brand, products, applications, data and people.

Mismanaged paperwork leads UK SMEs to break data security rules

Many employees at UK SMEs are breaching data protection rules due to mismanagement of paperwork, which is putting their security at risk.

World Availability Day: evolving to become the 'always on' enterprise

Regular backups may be fine to protect personal data, but in today's connected environment, businesses are required to evolve to become the "always-on" enterprise, enabling availability at all times.

Gemalto Breach Level Index: 1.4bn data records compromised in 2016

Almost 1.4 billion data records compromised in 2016 as hackers targeted large-scale databases across multiple industries.

ICO investigating potential leak of 26m NHS patient records

An "enhanced data sharing" feature in a software named SystmOne in use by a third of NHS practices opens up medical records without patient consent.

Minister to give evidence to Lords committee on data protection after Brexit

Topics of discussion include data sharing between the UK and the US after the UK leaves the EU.

Does Trump's executive order on public safety violate Privacy Shield?

Privacy experts are warning that President Trump's executive order on public safety is a threat to international privacy protections.

Only 31% of UK consumers say protecting data is their responsibility

The majority of UK consumers (69 percent) believe that the responsibility for protecting their personal data lies in the hands of the businesses holding that information, while the remaining 31 percent believe they are responsible for protecting their own information.

Data protection: What next after Brexit?

While EU GDPR compliance may no longer be law in the UK after it leaves the EU, for those doing business with the EU, conformity will still be required in some shape or form, so you'd still better start preparing now.

Why you should have a DDoS defence

Duncan Hughes explains the best methods to use to effectively protect businesses and ensure networks can stand up to a DDoS attack

GDPR's global reach to require at least 75,000 DPOs worldwide

A study by the International Association of Privacy Professionals has conservatively estimated that in response to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, 75,000 DPO positions will be created in response around the globe.

Unaware & Under Attack: Why Small Businesses Must Wake Up To the Cyber-crime Threat

Sian John discusses why SMBs should care about having security measures to protect their business since if they fail to comply to with GDPR and other regulations, they can lose a lot of money