Data routing mistakes could cost companies dearly

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Badly configured data routing is causing company security to be compromised.

Badly configured data routing is causing company security to be compromised.

In a new advisory paper, Network Box claims that high volumes of company data are being mistakenly routed around company networks, compromising their effectiveness and security.

In the second in its ‘Forgotten Security' series of advisory papers named ‘The Hole in the Wall', Network Box has examined how simple mistakes result in data being regularly routed incorrectly by IT teams, leaving holes in network security.

Simon Heron, internet security analyst at Network Box, said: “As networks grow, routing becomes more complex. It is increasingly important for IT teams to understand where data is going on the network.

“Too many IT managers have got their systems to work by trial and error, and either forget about it if it appears to be working, or are scared to make changes in case it stops working. Routing is the invisible and forgotten hole in the firewall.”

It claims that there are four common mistakes made, including triangular routing, where the path that the data takes to arrive at a workstation is different from the path it takes back to the originator.

Further mistakes include firewalls implementing Proxy address resolution protocol, misdirected packets and virtual local area networks.


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