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10 Ways to tell if that email is legitimate...or not

Phishing has become one of the most pervasive problems facing data security staff today. Generally speaking, a basic phishing attack is relatively easy to conduct and inexpensive for the attacker.

The data protection goalposts have shifted: has your security strategy moved with them?

It quickly becomes obvious that traditional methods of data security on their own aren't sufficient to provide complete data visibility, but an effective defence strategy must adequately cover all zones in which data can be accessed.

UK businesses far more confident re GDPR than their European counterparts

More than 70 percent of British businesses are confident about their understanding of GDPR and their preparations for the upcoming data security legislation.

Avoiding cyber-attacks with the correct cloud strategy

Businesses can avoid or reduce the impact an attack has on their company if they use the correct cloud strategy when controlling their security. Technical security must be accompanied by organisational & personnel measures.

Interview. Amazon Web Services CISO: accelerating business while ensuring security

Late last year SC Media UK finally met someone confident that their organisation is GDPR compliant, ready for the new regulations coming into force in May: Stephen Schmidt, CISO, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Prioritising patient care in the age of cyber-crime

In less than six months, the GDPR will transform how organisation are able to use, store and share consumer data. This impacts every industry, but the already heavily-regulated healthcare sector will be hit particularly hard.

Protecting data against attacks - cyber and otherwise

The 'CIA' approach - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability - is regarded as the pinnacle of data security. Of these, perhaps the most important component is 'Availability' says Dirk Paessler.

Bad habits put UK SMEs at risk of data breaches and unauthorised use

Ten percent of small business owners and employees in the UK admit to having poor security habits. The surveyed individuals admitted to regularly sharing confidential files on personal devices or sending documents to their personal emails rather than work emails.

Differences revealed in personal security habits of UK and US workers

New research from Wombat provided an analysis of personal security behaviours of UK and US workers that play a big role in securing information, devices and systems both at work and home.

US and Europe more prepared for fast-approaching GDPR than the UK

Despite the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect 12 months from now, the majority of European and US businesses are still inadequately prepared and at risk of incurring costly non-compliance fines.

Corporate data on endpoint devices more vulnerable to cyber-threats

Code42's latest report says CIOs, CISOs and their IT security teams need to find powerful new solutions that will keep data safe without impeding productivity and causing further risk.

UK financial services firms must do better to protect customer data

The growing cyber-threat landscape makes protecting sensitive customer and company information vital, and it will only increase with GDPR coming next May.

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you... the case for SDDC

David Cohen explores the view that, in 2017, layering Is the most effective cyber-security strategy and how becoming an expert at reading data patterns is an integral part of securing the data centre.

UK consumers feel uncomfortable sharing their personal details online

New research from Yoti reveals that 87 percent of UK consumers are concerned about how secure their personal information is when shared online.

Over three quarters of UK public unaware Snooper's Charter was passed

As per the recent Investigatory Powers Act otherwise known as the "Snooper's Charter", UK intelligence agencies were given the green light to access personal data from browsing histories.

Study shows ignorance of and critical need to secure important documents

There is a growing need to improve security practices of confidential documents that include information such as financial data, employee records, business contracts and intellectual property.

Data security is one of three top concerns for 55% of C-level execs

New research from ChristianSteven Software outlines the results of a survey of more than 500 C-level executives from across Europe and the US.

Why data classification should drive your security strategy

Identify what data is sensitive to your business, where it resides and how it's being used, or how can you protect it? Getting to grips with data should be the first step in any effective security strategy says Thomas Fischer.

Is BYOD Your Company's Norm? Beware the Ghosts of Data's Past this Holiday Season

In the run up to the festive shopping season, many employees will have their eyes on a new mobile device or tablet. Richard Stiennon asks, "is your organisation taking the right precautions to avoid a visit from the ghosts of data past?"

The fines they are a changin'...

Nic Scott discusses how UK businesses can re-evaluate and enhance the security measures they currently have in place in order to avoid potentially crippling fines

Frequent job changes mean less chance for secure storage of employment records

Large volumes of employees moving from job to job increases the number of employment records that must be retained by HR departments, stored securely and ultimately destroyed within a legally determined timeframe.

An accident waiting to happen

Jon Fielding discusses the need to manage information security at the data level and not simply at the network perimeter.

Facing the UK cyber-security threat

Jeremy King discusses what businesses can do today to prioritise data security

Contact centre security in the cloud - how can you best protect your customer's data?

Ralph Echemendia discusses the best practices for ensuring security of customer data for a contact centre in the cloud

ICO fines TalkTalk £400K for theft of customer data last year

Due to its poor data security, which led to the theft of the personal data of over 150,000 customers last year, TalkTalk has been fined £400,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Half of UK students want data security training

Half of all students in the UK have no security software installed on any of their devices, even though a quarter of teenagers are 'almost constantly' connected.

Millions of Russians' personal data may be put at risk

A planned national database of personal data on Russian citizens could become a magnet for criminal cyber-attacks warn analysts.

Nine out of 10 UK orgs don't encrypt over 75% of data in the cloud

With only a third of sensitive data in cloud applications being protected by encryption, cloud data security is still a major challenge for companies. Businesses are focusing on basic security techniques such as passwords to protect sensitive and confidential customer information.

Breached perimeter defences ruin security confidence for most ITDMs

Most organisations do not possess confidence in their ability to protect data after experiencing a data breach. One third have experienced a data breach in the past year.

Data reveals average company has 9.9M accessible files to any employee

In 2015, the average company had roughly 9.9 million files accessible to every employee regardless of their roles.