Data Sharing News, Articles and Updates

How decentralising data supports GDPR best practice and protects against breaches

By analysing decentralised datasets it's possible for businesses to securely share data and generate insight from one or multiple data sources. Unlike Blockchain, access to the raw data is only given to the data controller.

CNIL orders WhatsApp to stop gifting data to parent firm Facebook

French Watchdog CNIL has ordered that Whatsapp stop sharing data with its parent company, Facebook, for business advertising and promotion.

Data security game-changer - why newest mainframe important to banks

While the world has been riding from the boom of new technology innovations in 2017, the mainframe has recently reaffirmed its rightful place at the top of the financial security technology field says Richard Whomes

Twitter updates privacy policy, including how it handles data sharing

Twitter has issued an update to its privacy policy making changes in how it handles web data, data sharing and how Twitter uses collected data to personalise content provided across all of a member's devices.

Sharing services between local authorities increases risk

Half of information management professionals believe that having to move data between organisations places it at greater risk of loss or exposure.

Facebook can no longer share data of German users on WhatsApp

Facebook has been banned from collecting and storing the data of German users on its messaging app, WhatsApp.

New smartphone case tells users when their phone is being hacked

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden and hacker Andrew Huang have co-designed a smartphone case that tells its owner when their phone is being hacked.

Is your data safe?

As technology advances it brings with it new and more efficient ways to live and work says Todd Partridge.