Data Theft News, Articles and Updates

IP Expo Europe 2016: 2017 will be 'the year of the data bandit'

According to Tim Grieveson, chief cyber strategist at HP, the coming year will look very different for the illicit data trade

76% of organisations suffer loss or theft of data in past two years

Over the past two years, three out of every four organisations have been hit by the loss or theft of important data.

Analysis: Japanese ATM super-raiders bag £9m in 3 hours

Japanese criminals exploit stolen South African bank data to withdraw 1.4 billion Japanese yen (£9 million) using cloned bank cards.

2 million sets of personal records stolen in 2015 Japanese cyber-attacks

At least 2.07 million data sets with personal information have been leaked or feared leaked from 140 organisations in Japan during 2015.

31% of UK workers feel defiled by data theft over home intrusion

New research by Citrix reveals that nearly 31 percent of workers in the UK would feel more violated if files were stolen from their computer than if intruders broke into their home.