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Wireless data tracking case to decide if US citizens have privacy rights

'An individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed' is the premise being taken to the US Supreme Court Wednesday, to clarify if law enforcement must obtain warrants to access wireless data

The evolution of analytics in threat detection

Cyber threats are evolving quickly. Fortunately, so is incident detection and response (IDR), powered by data explains Eric Sun, with techniques such as honeypots identifying suspect behaviour.

Updated: DVLA selling details to parking firms seeking fines criticised

There has been speculation about the impact of incoming GDPR on government schemes that monitise the data of citizens given to them for the delivery of a service, which is then sold on without the data owner's consent.

The role of good data protection in a post cyber world

We now see 'weaponisation' of personal data against civilian groups largely indifferent to observation; as we live our lives online, criminal methods get easier, and rewards greater, cyber-crime is getting organised warns Peter Groucutt.

Ransomware attacks: why are CISOs still overlooking a key prevention method?

Don't simply reload backup data or even re-image the machine and then reload - it should undergo complete data sanitsation as progressive malware can leave behind elements that cause even more damage says Richard Stiennon.

Making data security a priority in a cloud first world

Moving to the cloud? Don't neglect the security challenges. Ensure you have a security policy that works seamlessly across on-premise and cloud says Dave Nicholson

'Data destruction' and its importance to secure your data privacy

Formatting old devices or deleting old information and selling it to third parties is common, says Sunil Chandna but data is not permanently removed and destruction or, preferably, true erasure of data is necessary.

Cracking the GDPR compliance conundrum in local government

Before you start looking at GDPR you need to understand what PII data you have, where it is, who has access, who it is shared with, and ultimately, how you can best manage it according to GDPR requirements says Julian Cook.

With cyber-crime at its peak, is the cloud really secure?

The underlying principles of blockchains are perfect for creating data integrity across an enterprise's value chain, and, says Ian Smith, there are firms developing these 'enterprise blockchains': private, permission-based ledgers.

Managing data security in a multi-cloud environment: control & compliance

As organisations continue to embrace the benefits offered by diverse multi-cloud environments, it's essential that they're aware of how best to achieve both compliance and control says Peter Galvin.

Cloud providers must protect personally identifiable information

Protecting this data goes beyond your internal data governance processes says Jim Kaskade, it tests how well the business governs customer data beyond the firewall.

Crunch time for GDPR - how to prepare. Eight steps to compliance.

All organisations based at least partially online and handling data across the EU must comply with the new GDPR rules yet 69 percent of UK businesses are not ready. Being unprepared is dangerous warns Dr Jamie Graves.

ICYMI: Spyware; US data law; NSA tools hack; Games DDoS'd; Skills gap

In Case You Missed It: Spyware in 1,000 apps; US global data grab; NSA tools used to hack hotels; Warcraft DDoS'd; Students narrow skills gap

Microsoft overseas data: US judges claim extra-territorial jurisdiction

Two US judges rule against Microsoft Ireland decision in cases pitting Google against DOJ

One giant leap for womankind - from astrophysics to IT security

After eight years as an astronomer Dr Leila Powell, a security data scientist at Panaseer, switched careers to cyber-security. SC's Tony Morbin asks, why? how did it work out, and did it make any difference being a woman in this male-dominated world?

Data Privacy Day 2017: over 420 billion records stolen in 2016, time for a change?

Data Privacy Day 2017 is here, and we're reminded once again of the need to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices.

ICYMI: 2017 predictions; Post-Brexit; Trusting employees; Card Phish scam; WhatsApp delivers malware

In Case You Missed it this week includes: CyberSec 2017 predictions; Brexit data implications; Employees too trusting; Credit card details phished; Mobile malware via WhatsApp

Mitigating the risk - how businesses can move to the cloud securely

Dave Nicholson discusses how businesses can ensure their data is moved securely to the cloud.

Data manipulation heralds a new era of hacking

Jason Hart discusses how data manipulation will be the biggest threat to businesses and public figures in the future

ISSE 2016: the boundaries of critical infrastructure

Jan Rochat, CTO of AET technologies, reminded an ISSE 2016 audience that the security boundaries of critical infrastructure are not quite as concrete at they seem

33.8% of financial services firms unaware of cyber-attacks they face

In the last year, 66.2 percent of financial services institutions have faced at least one cyber-attack.

Yahoo! confirms 500 million users affected in data breach

Yahoo! has confirmed a major data breach of its systems, with the number of users affected standing at 500 million. It is currently suspected to be a state-sponsored attack, as it has similarities to other Russian attacks.

Eurekalert news service attacked

Scientific news service EurekAlert suffered a breach which saw the login details of thousands of journalists stolen. The company has now reformed the technology behind its website and is promising a brand new login system.

GLA Tories: Mayoral Standards for London data security

Conservatives within the Greater London Assembly have called for a higher standard of data security in the capital, with a Mayoral seal of approval for those that adhere to it.

The five tips for a safer Cloud

Tony Anscombe discusses the biggest mistakes companies make when moving to the cloud and tips to reap the benefits

NHS England single patient database scrapped

Two critical reports showed a lack of public trust in NHS security and confidentiality handling patient records causing the government to scrap plans for a unified doctor and hosptial patient database.

A push for data-centric security: What organisations must consider

Ron Arden takes a data-centric approach to security where the focus is on protecting the data within a system, and not just the system itself

Cloud & DevOps World 2016: Cloud-services cheaper and more reliable than on-prem

Nick Ioannou, head of IT for the Ratcliffe Groves Partnership, draws on his 26 years of experience in IT to claim using a combination of 26 different cloud based services means the company has IT power which could "compete with the big boys" in his industry.