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Data on 31 million users leaked by smartphone keyboard app

After the developer of virtual keyboard app Ai.Type left a 577GB Mongo-hosted database unsecured, personal data on more than 31 million customers was exposed to anyone who has an internet connection.

Hackers now hit MySQL databases with ransomware

Hundreds of MySQL databases have been subject to ransomware attacks with hackers deleting data and replacing them with a ransom demand for 0.2 bitcoin.

Cerber ransomware: Now with database encryption

The widespread and ever-evolving Cerber ransomware has upped its game as it targets enterprises with a new capability to encrypt database files.

Developers leaving MongoDB databases wide open to attack

White-hat researcher claims to have found the credentials of 25 million people - including 13 million MacKeeper users and 5,000 users of a dating app for HIV-positive singles - openly available online to hackers in MongoDB databases.

Securing data where it matters most

Building a database security strategy is the first step for a company in ensuring security has been addressed inside out says Alan Hartwell.

Is your app secure? Probably not

App vulnerabilities need to be thought about holistically, so the network and database in which they reside also need to be considered says Josh Shaul.