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Has this new Black Duck report sunk Linus's Law once and for all?

Black Duck's new report showcasing widespread vulnerabilities in open source software challenges the widely and tightly held belief in Linus' law.

Can we encrypt the web while giving governments a backdoor to snoop?

As the Internet Society calls for even stronger encryption to protect the web, we ask whether it's technically feasible to provide governments with a backdoor to investigate serious crime and terrorism.

ROKRAT using Twitter, other social media as command and control link

Security researchers at Cisco Talos explain how the ROKRAT malware is leveraging social media to hide its C&C communications in plain sight.

President Trump's microwave and other unnecessary IoT distractions

The only thing worse than the plethora of internet-connected devices is the irrelevant chatter about IoT that could be distracting security teams from the real threats, as Davey Winder found out.

Age verification proving to be difficult for government to legislate

The Digital Economy Bill, which was making its way through Parliament yesterday, contains provisions for age verification but does it go far enough and how will it work?