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Not so safe in the cloud - a quarter of enterprises hit by cryptojackers

Newly published research reveals the poor state of enterprise cloud security, as evidenced by the advance of cryptojacking within these environments.

41% of cyber-security apps contain high-risk open source vulnerabilities

According to the 2018 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) report from Black Duck by Synopsys and published today, open source adoption in the enterprise is growing fast.

Cross-border transactions are low-hanging fruit for attackers

The Q1 Cybercrime Report from ThreatMetrix, published today, reveals that attackers are paying particular attention to the 'cross-border' transactions of payment processors.

An inconvenient truth - DevOps operate in silos, separated from security

Some 35 percent of developers receive no formalised training on secure coding practices and many organisations bolt security on to the end of the development lifecycle from a team in another silo.

Lazy hackers employ gruntbots to quickly breach network defences

Researchers at Cybereason have been analysing a complex network honeypot operation, and the results should make every CISO pause for thought.