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The hidden danger of cryptocurrency mining in the enterprise

New research has revealed that cryptocurrency mining software has already infected at least 1.65 million endpoints this year. Should the enterprise be worried?

Can the enterprise trust smartphone verification technology?

73 per cent of fraud professionals think mobile devices will be the primary identity verification technology in the coming years. Yet 60 per cent also said that this will be biggest single point of compromise as well.

Connected devices can get pwned by attackers every 2 minutes

IoT device pwned by credential attackers once every 120 seconds in SANS research using real connected device rather than honeypot.

Ransomworms on the rise: yet another wake up call for the enterprise

90 percent of enterprises still recording exploits for vulnerabilities that are more than three years old, and 60 percent for vulnerabilities more than ten years old says Fortinet report, with twice as many attacks at weekends.

Ransomware actors turn attention to holding websites hostage

Ransomware actors are looking for new targets. According to security vendor WordFence that target appears to be WordPress-powered websites.