Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming shorter and more intense according to a new whitepaper and blog from Symantec detailing the evolution of DDoS, common motivations behind attacks and tips for mitigation.

Key findings include:

·         Domain Name Server (DNS) amplification attacks increased 183 percent between January and August 2014

·         Services can be hired for as little as £3.09 to perform DDoS attacks on any target

·         The US ranks second for highest volume of originating DDoS traffic, with the UK also included in the top 15 countries

·         Symantec observed the first attack to peak at 400 Gbps, whereas in 2013 the maximum reached was at 300 Gbps

·         Symantec expects to see an increase in DDoS attacks originating from mobile and IoT devices in the future.