DDoS Attacks News, Articles and Updates

Ukrainian hackers arrested for carrying out cross-border DDoS attacks

Two Ukrainian nationals were sentenced to five years in prison for launching powerful DDoS attacks on popular dating site Anastaciadate.com in 2015 after cyber-security experts provided clinching evidence of their involvement.

'Kill switch' counters the memcached vulnerability

A newly discovered "kill switch" effectively counters the memcached vulnerability that led recently to massive DDoS attacks at specific targets including national security agencies, reports Corero Network Security.

Using DNS as part of your cyber-security strategy

DNS is inherently vulnerable. However, when correctly implemented with hardened appliances, securely managed, it can also be an organisation's best weapon in securing its networks.

Hacktivists take Catalan independence fight online - DDoS/cyber-attacks

Hackers from the hacktivist group Anonymous targeted websites run by Spain's Ministry of Public Works and Transport in support of the Catalan independence movement.

DDoS attack size doubles, but 40% are still reported by customers

While the headline record breaking attack size goes up every year, the long tail of average attack size has also doubled in the past year to reach 50 Gps according to Neustar's fourth annual Worldwide DDoS Attacks and Cyber Insights Research Report. However, the increased average is partly put down multiple 500 Gbps+ attacks from IoT botnets, one of which exceeded 680 Gbps peak size.

More than 400 DDos attacks identified using new attack vector - LDAP

Hackers use misconfigured LDAP servers - Connectionless Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (CLDAP) - to provide a means to launch DDoS attacks.

University attacked by its own vending machines and other IOT devices

An unnamed University was attacked by some 5,000 campus devices from its vending machines to light sensors, "and all IOT devices" .

WAITING ON AMENDED COPY How to protect your business from cyber-threats

Annette Murphy explores how security professionals can prepare and protect their assets from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

73% of organisations across the globe have suffered a DDoS attack

A new report from analytics firm Neustar has brought to light the amount of companies around the world who have suffered a DDoS attack, and how they are working to mitigate them.

Source code of Mirai DDoS Trojan released online

Over the weekend, the source code of the Trojan which used huge numbers of IoT devices to form a botnet and attack the websites of security blogger Brian Krebs and European web hosting company OVH, with a DDoS attack was released online.

Linux.Mirai Trojan causing mayhem with DDoS attacks

A Trojan named Linux.Mirai has been found to be carrying out DDoS attacks.

Russia reports increase in cyber-attacks by Western special services

Just as Western governments are concerned about Chinese or Russian state hackers, the Kremlin worries that its government agencies are under increasing western attack, and is concerned about skill shortages in government.

Conflict between OurMine and Anonymous hackers reportedly leads to DDoS attack on Wikileaks

Taking a break from its takeovers of CEOs' Twitter and Quora accounts, the hacking group OurMine turned its attention to Wikileaks, reportedly knocking its website offline with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

DDoS it matter what motivates Lizard Squad?

Lizard Squad is best known for launching DDoS attacks against Microsoft Xbox Live and Sony PlayStation Network, and doing so 'for the lulz!' SC Magazine UK has been pondering whether the motivation actually matters?

36% of organisations have no cyber-attack response plan in place

An alarming 36 percent of businesses have yet to develop a cyber-attack response plan.

ICYMI: Lizard DDoS; Botnet growth; Qatari breach; Open source flaws; Ransomware surge

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Lizard Squad DDoS, Botnet growth, Qatar bank breached by facists, Hidden Open Source flaws, Ransomware surge.

Action Fraud warns of new wave of Lizard Squad DDoS attacks

Lizard Squad is back with a vengeance, according to an advisory from Action Fraud UK which is advising organisations to report the attacks, keep detailed records and seek help from their ISPs.

73% of global brands and organisations hit with DDoS attack in 2015

With the bombardment of DDoS attacks fairly consistent worldwide throughout 2015, it's no longer a matter of if or when attacks might happen, but how often and how long the attack will last.