DDoS mitigation and protection technology launched by Akamai

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Akamai has announced the launch of a real-time web security monitoring and attack mitigation technology.

Akamai has announced the launch of a real-time web security monitoring and attack mitigation technology.

Named the Kona Site Defender, the cloud-hosted technology is within the Akamai services platform that the company manages on behalf of the user. It said that this is offered as a large-scale intelligent security solution.

According to the company, the service is designed to protect companies by shielding their websites, applications and associated data in the face of increasing and more complex attacks. Akamai said Kona Site Defender is designed to protect enterprises from multi-vectored distributed denial of service (DDoS) and application-layer attacks.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Joel Reid, regional sales manager for enterprise at Akamai, said this was an evolution of its security capabilities, an always-on solution that allows organisations to have the benefits of the Akamai security technology in front of the application.

He said: “You can get scale without acceleration technologies and can use this to gain security advantages on the application layer; it is all within the single product.”

The platform monitors the rate of requests coming from individual IP addresses and gathers statistics on each, allowing users to block any address that is behaving in an abusive way, such as sending too many requests per second or causing too many origin errors.

Reid said: “This is a differentiator, where we are very close to the end-user. We can mitigate an attack where we see attacks and block a geographical region.”

Also featured is an advanced security monitor that gives real-time knowledge of a website or application being attacked, as well as the capability to retrieve detailed information on who is attacking, what they are attacking, which defence capabilities triggered the attack declaration and what specifically was seen in the requests that triggered site defences.

John Summers, vice-president of the security business at Akamai, said: “With the introduction of Kona Site Defender, we're offering what we believe is the best way to respond to an ever-changing and, in many ways, ever-more-hostile online environment.”


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