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Hajime malware now has 300,000 strong botnet at disposal say researchers

The Hajime malware has recruited 300,000 IoT devices to its botnet, but researchers are still baffled as to what the botnet 's purpose may be.

ICYMI: Skype bug; Nomx slammed; Linus law down; Locky lives; LDAP DDoS

In Case You Missed It: Skype flaw Spyke; Nomx claims nixed; Linux law refuted? Locky's return; LDAP DDoS vector

More than 400 DDos attacks identified using new attack vector - LDAP

Hackers use misconfigured LDAP servers - Connectionless Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (CLDAP) - to provide a means to launch DDoS attacks.

Titanium Stresser DDoS malware creator Alan Mudd sentenced to two years

Alan Mudd was sentenced to two years in a young offender's institution by a UK court for creating, selling and using Distributed Denial of Service malware.

Asian Interpol operation finds nearly 270 compromised websites

Authorities from seven Southeast Asian nations recently collaborated on an operation that exposed regional threats including malware, ransomware, DDoS attacks, and spam campaigns.

Indictment draws near for two teenage Israeli cyber-criminals

Itay Huri and another suspected Israeli hacker, whose name has not been released, allegedly earned hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling their software to clients around the world.

Attackers attempting to fabricate relationship between Russian bank and Trump

Alfa Bank has engaged the US based cyber-forensics firm Stroz Friedberg to investigate these new attacks.

The evolution of DDoS defence for service providers

Sean Newman explores the latest DDoS threats and offers advice for service providers looking to defend them.

Trend Micro details new IoT DDoS threat

Trend Micro is reporting a new threat to Linux-based Internet of Things devices that is specifically able to exploit a specific vulnerability in surveillance cameras made by AVTech.

ICYMI: MySQL ransom; Font scam; UK strategy; White Hat; Luxb'g DDoS'd

In case you missed it: MySQL dBs ransomed; Chome font scam; UK digital strategy; White Hat careers; Luxembourg DDoS'd

Luxembourg government servers forced offline by DDoS attack

Sources unknown bring down state infrastructure.

Could you hack into a car? If so, a cyber-security career awaits!

30 of the UK's best cyber-security enthusiasts battle to protect connected-car company from cyber-attack, reflective of the 2016 Mirai DDoS IoT Botnet attack.

ICYMI: Uni-DDoS; AI detection; Dentists hit; Nuke strategy, NCSC opens

In Case You Missed It: Uni self-DDoSed; AI beats signature detection; Health sector targeted?; New UK nuclear cyber-strategy; NCSC officially opened.

Ransomware, IoT combo lead SANS list of dangerous attack techniques

The development of crypto ransomware and IoT devices as a threat platform is among the top infosec problems discussed during the Seven Most Dangerous Attack Techniques panel at RSA 2017.

Hackers use Mirai code, blended tactics to launch DDoS attack in 2016

The release of the Mirai botnet source code late last summer set the stage for the series of massive DDoS attacks that took place during the closing months of 2016, a new report said.

Kaspersky: DDoS attacks growing stronger with unsecured IoT

Kaspersky researchers spotted a record setting 292 hour-long DDoS attack in Q4 2016, significantly beating the previous quarter's maximum attack.

What can we expect from DDoS attacks in 2017?

Dave Larson offers advice in terms of best practice for mitigation of DDoS attacks.

ICYMI: Symantec cert fraud; FSB arrest; Lloyds DDoS; Salary survey; Scada vulnerabilities

In Case You Missed It: Symantec illegal certs; Kaspersky employee arrest; Lloyds DdoS, SC 2017 salary survey; GE Scada vulnerabilities

53% of service providers are seeing over 21 DDoS attacks per month

More than half (53 percent) of service providers indicated they are seeing more than 21 DDoS attacks per month, up from 44 percent last year.

Barrett Lyon joins Neustar to head research and development

Barrett Lyon has been appointed as head of research and development of security solutions at Neustar.

DDoS attacks: here to stay

2016 was a year of record breaking DDoS attacks, SC's Roi Perez discusses why they are here to stay and what can we expect in 2017

South Korean authorities worry about DDoS attacks ahead of elections

A new report from a South Korean government agency, the country is at risk of DDoS attacks ahead of the country's possible election

100% increase in DDoS highlights growing scale of attacks across EMEA

A 100 percent increase in F5 DDoS customers was spotted in Q1 (October through December 2016), compared to the same period in 2015.

The role of GDPR and cyber-crime

Mark Flegg discusses how the GDPR rules and DDoS attacks go hand in hand.

Lloyds Banking Group reportedly hit with Denial of Service attack

Lloyd's was reportedly hit with a DDoS attack in mid January leaving customers unable to access online banking

Is this the identity of Anna-Senpai, Mirai publisher and botmaster?

Investigative journalist Brian Krebs has published the findings of a massive investigation into the identity of Anna-Senpai, the mysterious publisher of the Mirai source code

Update: Old fashioned DDoS attack planned to protest Trump's inauguration

Anti-Trump protesters have come up with a novel way to oppose the inauguration of President-elect, Donald Trump

Deloitte report: DDoS attacks to grow to 1 terabyte a second in 2017

Deloitte's new report foresees a considerable increase in DDoS activity, predicting routine 1 terabyte DDoS attacks and a total count which may reach 10 million in 2017

123 Reg again hit with DDoS attack

The UK domain registration site 123 Reg was hit with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, its second in six months, late last week.

Playing with FireCrypt: Ransomware encrypts files and conducts minor DDoS attack

As it holds your files hostage, the newly discovered ransomware FireCrypt also directs your computer to perform a poor man's DDOS attack by continuously connecting to a targeted URL and repeatedly downloading content into a temporary folder.