The deadline for organisations to sign up to participate in the Common Assurance Maturity Model (CAMM) programme is a week on Friday.

The aim of the project is for a consortium of organisations and associations to participate in the development of a design and implementation plan for the creation of a global repository of assurance maturity scores.

A report was previously published on ‘Business Assurance for the 21st Century' by a consortium of information security organisations. The idea is now for others to join the programme to have a direct input into the development of a document to describe the governance of the global repository and a project plan for its implementation.

Organisations that are interested in participating should email the name and a summary of their organisation and their contact details to by 30 September.

CAMM founder Raj Samani said: “The project will result in the development of a global repository that will enable organisations to advertise their information assurance maturity for the services they provide.

“Such an approach would make it easier for potential customers of these services to select suppliers and partners based on the maturity of their information assurance practices.

“Any organisations with an interest in information assurance, and the provision of a transparent service to end customers, can contribute to this effort.”