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Trump says Russia's role in hacks unclear, US intel community says otherwise

During Sunday's presidential debate, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton doesn't know if Russia is behind hacks of the DNC and others.

Trump vows strong cyber-security at rally, criticizes Obama, Clinton

At a rally in Virginia, Donald Trump pledged to make cyber-security a top priority.

Presidential debate 2016: Candidates pledge cyber-investment, differ on Russia

Clinton pinned hacks at the Democratic National Conference (DNC) on Russia while Trump said attribution is not clear.

Is it ethical to use malware when disrupting cyber-crime?

As the FBI declares its malware-like software cannot be malware as it is used with non-malicious intent, we ponder the ethics of the good guys using the same tools as the bad guys.

Women in security: Is the tide turning?

The lack of women in information security is a constant topic of conversation and debate but, as Doug Drinkwater reports, changes are afoot