Decryption News, Articles and Updates

Latest Cryptomix variant released

Just days after the creators of the Cryptomix ransomware came out with a new variant, another was issued that again changed the extension on the encrypted files.

Spanish research tool probes smartphone electromagnetic emissions for encryption keys

Spanish researchers are developing a tool that will scan smartphones for 'electromagnetic emanations' that could be used to obtain encryption keys as part of an attack.

The threat quantum computers pose to modern security

The clock is ticking and in few years, quantum computers will become powerful enough to break the all-important encryption techniqueused billions of times every day by businesses, banks, credit cards, government and consumers.

Researchers quell Wildfire ransomware with decryption key

Intel and Kaspersky researchers developed a free decryption tool for victims of the Wildfire variant of ransomware.

Flaws in Android full disk encryption revealed

An Israeli university student has found flaws in Android, which would allow a brute force attack to crack the full disk encryption