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Strengths: Flexible, many user token options

Weaknesses: Lacks reporting, auditing has to be exported for history and reports

Verdict: Easy to use, interface simple to navigate, good value for the money. Nice solution if all you need is user management and configuration

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Deepnet Security's Unified Authentication Platform is a single integrated security platform for provisioning, managing and verifying all types of user and host authentication methods. The software had several operating system dependencies and required us to load several modules before we could begin configuring and managing users.

This strong authentication solution is very easy to navigate, user-friendly for both the client and the administrative user. The server software supports both MS Windows Server and Linux operating systems. Once loaded, the web-based administration interface was launched to configure our users and provision our tokens. We were impressed with the ease of navigation within the management interface. As we moved down the left-hand navigation, our configuration options appeared in the centre pane, always keeping us just a few mouse clicks away from what we wanted next. It was easy to switch between configuring users, provisioning authentication options and looking at audit logs for troubleshooting.

The Deepnet Unified Authentication Platform has LDAP and AD integration, simplifying user provisioning and management. The token options were numerous, including hardware and software OTP tokens, grid cards, keystroke dynamics, voiceprint biometric and device authentication. We were also able to review the MobileID, which is able to transform a portable device into a one-time password (OTP) system, and QuickID, the SMS option for sending an OTP to a mobile.

Basic support is only 8/5 and includes email for the first month, a little light for an enterprise-style deployment. Upgraded support is not available and the website lacks support items such as a knowledgebase and FAQ section.

This was a good solution, with an easy-to-use management interface. Even though it only required the same amount of work as the other solutions to configure and manage users, it seemed to go faster and was less confusing. Auditing was available and helpful during initial installation and provisioning of users. For historical auditing or reporting on events, however, you would have to export your logs to a CSV file and use a third-party reporting facility.

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