Defacement News, Articles and Updates

ISIS takes fight online - hundreds of US school websites redirected

Pro-ISIS hackers hijacked the websites of roughly 800 US schools and educational districts on Monday, after compromising their web hosting provider, various news outlets have reported.

WikiLeaks homepage defaced as it dumps more CIA hacking tools

The Central Intelligence Agency can take some small comfort that as WikiLeaks was preparing for its latest dump of the spy agency's Vault7 hacking tools, a group of hackers was busy defacing WikiLeaks' homepage.

ISIS hackers take control of French TV station

Hackers claiming to be closely associated with ISIS took French TV station TV5Monde offline for hours and defaced its social media sites earlier today.

Anonymous fells World Cup websites

Hactivism group Anonymous has made good on its promise to hack the websites of World Cup sponsors and Brazilian government departments by launching a spate of DDoS and website defacement attacks.

ITV and Sky both hit by the Syrian Electronic Army

Fresh from Twitter implementing two-factor authentication last week, accounts for ITV news and Sky were hacked over the weekend.