Dell has announced that it will no longer distribute computers with Microsoft Windows XP as of next month.

Although it will continue Windows XP driver support until December 2012, as of 22nd October 2010 systems will no longer have XP Professional and XP Home pre-installed.

According to a Dell blogger simply named as ‘Faith C', after the 22nd October, qualified customers will still be able to get systems with Windows XP through Dell's Custom Factory Integration service. New machines with Windows 7 Professional or higher can run XP applications in Windows XP Mode.

Faith C said: “Per Microsoft, only qualified end-users meeting the custom image requirements will be able to get a new system with factory-pre-installed Windows XP Professional, XP Home and XP Tablet products after 22nd October. This means that OEMs must stop the shipment of all XP orders on this date.

“Dell recognises that many corporate organisations and institutions are standardised on these operating systems and that transitioning to a new operating system is both expensive and time consuming.

“Our goal is to help drive down the total cost of ownership of our relationship products and provide managed transitions for our customers.”

Back in June Gartner encouraged businesses to start to look to the end of Windows XP, while Microsoft ended support for Windows 2000 and XP Service Pack 2 in July.