Dell has cleared up a potentially dodgy situation by confirming that it sees its users face around half a million incidents per day.

Earlier, in a panel debate at the Dell World conference in Austin, Texas, Dell Services president Suresh Vaswani said that it manages '30 billion incidents every day'.

Later when asked to confirm this figure, Vaswani said that the knowledge and technology was gained from its managed security service provider SecureWorks that it has integrated with Dell.

Later speaking to SC Magazine, Mike Cote, general manager and vice president of Dell SecureWorks, said that at the top end, it sees 30 to 35 billion events a day and between deduplication of events and single events, it takes it down to between 500-750,000 events per day, with 2,000 connections with a client.

He said: “That security incident comes from the customer and we work with them to get them involved so it comes in a different type.”

Cote explained that the threats that SecureWorks counter threat unit (CTU) see is like a funnel, with the number of events rising year-on-year, and the real issue is the trajectory of growth. He said: “You can put different things in, and you see the same malware across the customers, so the question is was it one incident or one billion incidents? What we see is consistently doubling and CTU has to be intelligent so humans are not doing this, a system can handle it at a better scale.”