PineApp has reported an increase in the demand for email image filtering solutions.


With compliance requirements and growth in the commercial, government and education markets, the company claims that there is a need for efficient filtering.


Hezi Erez, CEO of PineApp, said: “With more offensive images being sent and received by email - from adult spam and humour to the deliberate distribution of pornography and even illegal images - there is growing demand for effective image filtering.


“As many businesses do not want to use managed services, we believe image filtering as part of a comprehensive email security and management appliance will be increasingly attractive.”

The company has recently secured a deal at the "La Universidad Complutense de Madrid" University in Spain, with 80,000-100,000 users, for its Mail-SeCure email security appliances that prevent pornographic and inappropriate images from entering or leaving the network.

The image filter automatically detects and blocks incoming and outgoing pornographic pictures as well as images embedded in documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos and other media.