The Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) is creating a training academy for talented hackers. 

Denmark is in need for cyber-security expertise due to several recent high-profile cyber-attacks. Full-page ads were placed in local newspapers and online in attempts to attract the appropriate talent to counter their cyber-security challenges.

The ad inquires, “Do you have what it takes to become a member of a secret elite force?”, specifically looking for well-developed programming abilities, math and logical intellect, and a clean criminal record.

Academy recruits will spend four and a half months at the school beginning in August to work on a variety of defencive and offencive techniques such as counterintelligence and hacking terrorist networks. The best and brightest will be offered positions in the Danish intelligence community once the programme comes to an end.

“We are looking for people who have the core competencies that we can develop further,” said Lars Findsen, head of the intelligence service. The DDIS is not looking for formal education or qualifications, but rather natural hacker talents with no limitations.