Denmark launches cyber-security strategy

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In a bid to earn the trust of its citizens and enterprises, the Danish government is launching a comprehensive new cyber-security national strategy.

The new plan is made-up of 27 initiatives across six key areas, including strengthening energy and telecommunication infrastructures, increasing cyber-security knowledge and training and improving international partnerships.

“It is essential that we get better at handling information security across the board – both the state and our distributors,” Bjarne Corydon, Denmark's finance minister, said in a press release. “You can never offer 100 percent protection, but we have pointed to a number of specific initiatives that can lead to us sleeping a little better at night.”

According to local online news sources, the effectiveness of the 27 initiatives will be under constant evaluation, with a planned revision to take place in 2016.

“Public authorities and major firms need to develop a plan for how to react to malicious cyber-attacks,” IT-Branchen, a computer industry interest group, urged in Jyllands-Posten. “Failure to do so could result in the breakdown of key social services." Citing numerous high-profile hacks this past year, IT-Branchen called a lack of cyber-security strategy akin to "hospitals not having backup generators.”

Meanwhile, the Danish national police along with Rigspolitiet, and the public prosecutor's office, are combining forces in the creation of a cyber-crime centre with the aims of analysing, fighting and, ultimately, preventing cyber-crime.  According to Danish news websites, these efforts are in reaction to the “explosion of cyber-crime” in the last two years, with a 77 percent increase in data fraud reports and 25 percent increase in cyber-based economic crime.

The centre will focus on the safety of both large scale Danish businesses and small scale crime, such as individual identity theft.

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