Derby City Council has selected the Egress Switch email and file encryption product to meet government connection compliance requirements.

Driven by an initial requirement from their social services team to exchange information securely with third parties outside the Government Secure Extranet (GCSX), Derby City Council needed a scalable solution that would also integrate with their Microsoft Exchange environment.

Miles Peters, technical project lead at Derby City Council, said that email and file encryption solutions were needed because a single team at the council had an immediate requirement to share information securely.

“What became apparent very quickly was that this wasn't an isolated case, and across the organisation we needed to ensure we were compliant and information was secure,” he said.

“Egress Switch was chosen because of its level of integration with Microsoft Outlook, the ease of use for end users and the fact that the implementation took no time at all so we could be up and running quickly.”

Tony Pepper, CEO for Egress Software Technologies, said: “We are seeing more and more customers with a requirement to securely share information outside their existing networks with third parties and there is a real concern that without the right system they could fall foul of data breaches and potentially fines from the Information Commissioners Office.”