Netwrix has introduced a feature that alerts users if another person accesses their inbox.

Named the NetWrix Mailbox Owner Alerting, it allows users to track and identify who has accessed any mailbox, when they did it and what items were targeted. It also allows the user to see what was viewed, edited, deleted, copied or forwarded. The software automatically sends an email alert to the user whose mailbox was accessed.

Aidan Simister, country manager (UK & Ireland) for NetWrix, said: “Far too often we find that organisations have IT administrators, support engineers or managers with access privileges to the mailboxes of the CEO and other senior executives. But without some form of monitoring and reporting, it is impossible to know if email data is being compromised, spoof messages are being sent or if mailbox permissions are being changed.

“Ask a lot of IT managers to tell you who changed, what, where and when within their IT Infrastructures and it will often involve a time-consuming manual process of trawling through native audit logs from servers and network equipment. What is needed is a more automated and proactive approach to ensure organisations have instant access to critical audit data at all times.”