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Strengths: This product is simple to use, with good reporting, lots of features, and offers value for money

Weaknesses: We would have liked to have seen a little more documentation

Verdict: If you are processing mobile devices, your organisation needs Device Seizure

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Forensics is what Paraben is noted for. Device seizure is a neat little product that lets you seize and perform forensic analysis on cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices. The single CD has everything on it you need, and it even comes with PDA and mobile device seizure procedures.

Setup is about as simple as one could want. Just put the CD in the computer you are going to use as your analysis machine, tell it to install and stand back while the program does all the work. Once the installation is complete you are presented with a clean, easy-to-manage user interface that looks a lot like the typical forensic tool interface. Experienced forensic analysts will feel at home straightaway in the desktop's familiar surroundings.

One excellent feature of Device Seizure is its embedded case management software. This allows the creation of detailed reports that can be provided with evidence or used as stand-alone forensic reports.

The product really consists of a collection of dedicated modules that install under a common user interface. They are very well integrated, and it is easy to add new modules as they become available.

In addition to handling most popular mobile phone models, this nifty tool also caters for PDAs that use a variety of operating systems including Palm, BlackBerry, Windows CE, and Symbian among others.

Searching the device is a snap and full GSM SIM card information can be acquired. The tool can read email and the Windows CE registry. Virtually every function needed to perform a forensic analysis on a cell phone or PDA is here. Images are encrypted and hashed, of course, and the tool can be used to evaluate PDA files, such as backups, stored on a PC.

No manual is supplied with Device Seizure, but there is a help file. However, the product is intuitive and using it effectively is child's play for experienced digital forensic analysts.

Support is available 24/7, although we cannot imagine needing much. The price is right, as well and, at around £465, we think it is a must have for any lab that needs to process cell phones and PDAs.

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