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£22/licence for single computer licence; £6/licence for 1,000+ computers

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Strengths: Good endpoint security solution when attached to a corporate resource

Weaknesses: Does not provide any device security on the mobile platforms

Verdict: For ease of use, documentation and excellent support we rate DeviceLock Recommended

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DeviceLock is a Windows-based endpoint port-device access, audit and data shadow control software solution for the enterprise. It is managed by DeviceLock administrative consoles or with DeviceLock MMC-generated Group Policy GPOs in Active Directory environments.

DeviceLock consists of three functional parts: an agent, the server and the management console. It is a software-only solution that allows network administrators to assign permission for USB and FireWire, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, as well as floppy drives, CD-ROM/DVD drives and other removable media.

DeviceLock provides security to portable devices by managing the access via the ports when they are docked for synchronisation. For PDA and smartphone security, DeviceLock manages "docked" data flow synchronisation between PDAs and Windows host PCs. DeviceLock's layered security works on five levels (device port, class, type, model and serial number) to granularly secure data flow between these devices and DeviceLock managed PCs. DeviceLock secures and audits all Windows ports and devices.

We installed DeviceLock on our Windows XP workstation, testing policy for connecting various portable devices. DeviceLock supports Windows mobile and Palm OS. Version 6.4.1 adds support for Apple iPhones and RIM BlackBerrys. The installation was quick and simple. The interface was easy to use, with full AD integration for managing devices and pushing out agents. We also had the option of using AD GPOs to deploy policy. Encryption for the local machine and removable media are available in several options including PGP Whole Disk Encryption, TrueCrypt, Lexar SAFE PSD and SafeDisk.

Reports are available for event and log data, user activity and email delivery. The centralised logging met our expectations.

The supplied documentation was very good and walked us through installation and setup. It comes with one-year support and includes 24/7 web and email access and 8/5 phone support.

This is an easy to use solution for managing portable devices when they are attached to the corporate resources.

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