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From £27.20 per seat for up to 1,000 seats

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Strengths: Full-scale endpoint protection and DLP suite at a good price

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: Good value and surprisingly liberal support policy

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DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite consists of three powerful components, the first being the DeviceLock module. This allows administrators to set policy for managing the movement of data from company computers through the use of removable media or external storage, such as smartphones, digital cameras, USB sticks, CD/DVD-R, tablets or printers.


Next, the NetworkLock module allows administrators to keep data from leaving the network through the internet, such as through webmail, instant messaging, social networks or cloud-based services, such as Dropbox.


The final element is ContentLock, which looks inside files for sensitive content - such as account numbers or any other personally identifiable or sensitive information - to keep it from leaving the company network.


Overall, we found this suite to be easy to install and configure. The installation itself took just a few minutes guided by a short setup wizard that we found to be simple to follow. Once installed, much of the administration was done natively in Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy Editor. This product actually plugged in directly to the Microsoft Management Console used for managing Group Policy, so we found it comfortable to configure and manage. 


As for policy management, we found the DeviceLock suite to be quite comprehensive and have many configurable options for policy, which can be pushed out to users, groups, computers or organisational units for granular policy control. Along with to who the policy gets assigned, there are also several scheduling controls to provide additional flexibility. Furthermore, administrators can lock settings down to prevent users from tampering with, disabling, or uninstalling DeviceLock. Lockdown settings will prevent changes even if the user is a local administrator on the PC.


Documentation included a single PDF user manual, which covered the initial installation and configuration through advanced setup and use of the features and functions. We found this manual to be well organised and to include many screenshots and step-by-step installation and configuration instructions.


DeviceLock offers all customers no cost eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week phone- and 24/7 email-based technical support. Additionally, customers can access a large web-based help area on the website that includes a full knowledgebase, user forum, webinars, demo videos, documentation and many other resources. DeviceLock does not offer any additional plans, but we found its no-cost support to be more than sufficient.


At a price of about £27.20 per seat for up to 1,000 seats, including first year software support, maintenance and upgrades, we found DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite to be excellent value for the money. While it may seem pricey at first glance, it does have a robust feature set with comprehensive policy controls that are easy to deploy and manage. We found its seamless integration with the already existing Active Directory infrastructure to be an excellent addition to the overall value because administrators will feel comfortable configuring and managing the product from the very beginning.

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