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£22/licence for single computer licence; £6/licence for 1,000+ computers

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Strengths: Solid device and port control with encryption integration

Weaknesses: Difficult to manage

Verdict: A good product but a bit difficult to administer

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DeviceLock provides a platform to manage and secure PC ports and removable storage media devices. This allows administrators to set access policy for removable devices, mobile phones and PDAs based on port, device class, type and model and unique device IDs.

DeviceLock can also integrate directly with common encryption programs such as PGP, TrueCrypt, SafeDisk, SecurStar and Lexar.

Setting up the product is straightforward. The program basically installs itself from an executable with a short installation wizard. Once this is complete the service must be deployed to the client machines. This can be done using the built-in service deployment tool or through an Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO).

Once the product is installed and the service deployed, management and policy are done through a snap-in for Microsoft Management Console. We found that even though this is a familiar and comfortable way for administrators to manage and configure settings, it is also quite limiting and basic.

We found the product awkward to use at first. We had to click around a bit to get a feel for how to create policy and get the outcome that we expected.

Provided in the documentation was a getting-started guide that gave a step-by-step setup of a basic USB policy, which helped us become more familiar with how to set policy.

Other documentation included an installation guide that provided clear initial installation and configuration instructions, and a user manual that contained an in-depth view of advanced product features and configurations, as well as using the management console.

DeviceLock provides a one-year basic support plan with every new DeviceLock licence purchased, which includes telephone and email support.*

Online helpdesk services provide web-based technical support and access to product upgrades, online user forum, product documentation, FAQs, technical flash-based webinars and subscription notifications on product news. Customers can create 'support request tickets' in real-time, monitor their case status and communicate with the technical support engineer assigned to their case. Users can renew support after the first year for a fee.

At a price starting at £22 per licence we find this product to be average value for money. While it does offer some great features, including encryption integration, we found that it can be slightly difficult to use and manage.

*In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.

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