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Decoding DevOps security - implementing a coherent & compliant programme

It is crucial to devise a programme early on that enables the curation, and distribution via automation, of consistent security policies for access to cloud keys and credentials—in a compliant way.

The secure state of security: closing the security skills gap

Developers aren't choosing to ignore security issues - they don't have the skills or resources to create secure code due to a critical deficit in developer security training, especially how to manage vulnerable components effectively.

Patched bug in software configuration management tools still dangerous

A vulnerability discovered in a series of revision control tools for software developers, including GitLab, Mercurial, and Apache Subversion (SVN), can be exploited to launch malicious command executions,

Research reveals changing attitudes toward application security

Top performing software development teams embrace DevSecOps automation.

Skyscanner's approach to ensuring their business is secure

Stuart Hirst, IT Security Manager of Skyscanner shared his approach to IT security this morning at Cloud Security Expo.

CA Technologies acquiring Veracode for greater market coverage

Acquisition will reportedly deliver speed and security from app development to production and bridge CA's security business with its broad DevOps portfolio.