Entrust has introduced a single software platform to allow users to add digital certificates to mobile devices.

According to the company, the Entrust IdentityGuard allows enterprises to provide authenticated access to VPNs, internal applications or networks, as well as enabling email decryption and signing from a single mobile device.

With capability added for Apple, RIM, Windows Phone and Android devices, authorised employees, staff or contractors login to the Entrust IdentityGuard Self Service Module to enrol their mobile device and are issued with a digital certificate.

Digital certificates are issued from an organisation's in-house Entrust certification authority or by Entrust's PKI service. According to Entrust, this hosted PKI solution enables organisations to control access to resources, prevent theft of information and comply with privacy and digital signature regulations. Certificates can be issued to partners, suppliers, customers and distributors.

Bill Conner, president and CEO of Entrust, said: “Many vendors can issue digital certificates to mobile devices, but none are as seamless or easy for end-users as Entrust's self-service component. The fact that organisations can manage mobile identities, just like any other identity on the versatile authentication platform, further simplifies enterprise authentication and identity-based security.”