Digital Security News, Articles and Updates

Compromising security certificates is top priority for cyber-criminals

Digital security certificates assure regular users that the websites they visit can be trusted and are free of malicious code. But if security certificates are themselves compromised, how can users be protected from malicious hackers?

Report: Vietnamese unit formed to fight controversial ideas on internet

The Vietnamese government has reportedly deployed a military cyber-warfare unit compromised of more than 10,000 digital soldiers to combat and censor views on the internet that it finds threatening or "wrong."

UK consumers need more robust digital health and safety guidance

The average UK consumer, regardless of their age, is now accustomed to using several communications channels, including phone, text, social media, web self-service, messaging apps and more.

Strasbourg approves unified approach to digital single market

The European Parliament has approved its report, Towards a Digital Single Market Act, with cyber-security a major concern. We speak to Estonian MEP Kaja Kallas.

Why OEMs need to pay attention to security in the connected car

Lars Thyroff discusses the importance of best practices for intelligent digital security in a connected car to enable trust in the device, data and network.