Digitalisation News, Articles and Updates

Securing digital transformation - identify key assets & vulnerabilities

Right now, digitalisation is transforming entire industries. Etienne Greef says as new technologies redefine how we work, play and live, organisations have extraordinary new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Creating digital identity strategies to enable digital transformation

Des Powley explains how digital transformation could be an opportunity to assess and rewrite your IAM policies in line with a digital world, get rid of legacy systems and become more user-friendly for employees and customers.

Why 2017 will be a watershed year for IT admins

Vidya Vasu explores how the third digital revolution will impact the work of sysadmins, as well as the continuation of the cloud in the workplace amongst other predictions.

Keeping pace with the speeding wheel of change

Kevin Davis discusses how vital it is that organisations look to agility as a way of providing speed of change and embracing new technologies to facilitate customer needs

Digital Revolution: How IT Can Minimise Cyber-Risk and Drive Profit

John Ferron discusses the best way to embark on a digital transformation exercise that can deliver business efficiency and security

UK to better prepare for an autonomous future and educate people on AI

A new report states that the UK is not prepared for a future that includes robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Physical identities are dead. Long live digital identities!

Claire de Longeaux discusses how physical identities need to change, notably through a numerical evolution.

Security teams can better enable digital transformation if invited earlier to the party

According to new global research from Dell's Digital Transformation Security Survey, security is often seen as a barrier to digital transformation, therefore brought into the process too late to make a meaningful impact.

Have liberated workers become a security nightmare for law firms?

The digital revolution has freed data from the office to multiple devices, bringing with it issues of secure acess, compliance and reputational integrity, which even smaller law firms must now address explains David Meyer.