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Diplomat Transaction Manager Enterprise Edition 4


Coviant Software

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Strengths: Good control over jobs. Support for many different types of protocols

Weaknesses: While not a weakness per se, the client server architecture does limit administration and user self service a bit

Verdict: A very solid product that will meet most end-to-end file transfer security needs

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Diplomat Transaction Manager Enterprise Edition 4 is a client server application that provides security for file transfers.

It is provided in four components: server, client, job monitor and scripting agent. All of the components are typically installed on a Windows operating system (the server can be installed on Linux). Either Microsoft SQL or MySQL can be used as the database backend. The scripting agent can be used on any host that supports the Java Runtime Environment.

Setting up the product is fairly straightforward and the documentation does a good job at alerting you for potential issues before you install it. For example, the services are not automatically started upon installation, and the person installing the product must manually ensure they are started before proceeding. Overall, we were able to get things up and running in a matter of minutes.

For our testing, we had all of the components set up on one server, but installing them on separate hosts would be the recommended configuration. The product itself works very well in helping to secure file transfers for single jobs or even integrating into a batch and scheduled job framework.

The enterprise edition we reviewed has several useful features, including securing FTP, SSH, HTTP and even the ability to secure file exchanges using an email client. It also integrates with other OpenPGP compatible products. There are an impressive number of administrator features, including detailed audit trails, alerting, reports and several other operational items.

Diplomat Transaction Manager is multi-threaded and can handle large numbers of file transfers and also has built-in redundancy features. The control over source and destination, key management and other aspects of the product are easy to use. Overall, we were impressed with the number of features available and the solution operates as advertised.

Documentation is excellent. Several useful PDF files are included and the user guides available on the appliance contain useful information.

Basic no cost support is available for a 45-day warranty period. Fee-based support is then available as basic, premium and extended at 15, 20 and 25 per cent of the licence cost respectively. The Coviant Software website has a customer portal that can be used to log cases and browse documentation.