Signify has added an emergency service that allows rapid deployment of secure remote access to corporate IT networks.

Signify ICE – ‘In Case of Emergency' Service – allows businesses to replace passwords with strong two-factor authentication using mobile phones. When an incident occurs, administrators go to the Signify web portal and select the additional users requiring authentication for the organisation's remote access solution.

These users are then notified of the incident automatically by email or SMS and are directed to where they can set up a secret PIN and request a one-time passcode (OTP). The OTP is sent to their mobile phone via SMS, which is entered along with their secret PIN when they log in to their network, identifying them securely and enabling business to carry on as usual.

Dave Abraham, CEO at Signify, said: “Recent events have demonstrated that companies allowing employees to work from home as part of their disaster recovery planning, have saved thousands of pounds by maintaining productivity and operational continuity.

“Signify ICE now ensures that remote access can be extended in emergency situations without compromising security; and because it is a hosted service, two-factor authentication can be deployed instantly with minimum hassle.”