Disney yanks castaway hacker from Davey Jones' locker

News by Max Metzger

One of the Boston hospital hackers is thought to have been found stranded on a sailboat off the coast of Cuba. 

Martin Gottesfield, thought to be connected with the diffuse hacktivist network, Anonymous, was rescued along with his wife by a Disney cruise ship after the couple's sailboat was somehow disabled. It was at that point that the Federal Bureau of investigation picked him up, having discovered that Gottesfield had been absent from work for several weeks and had not been in contact for his family. 

Gottesfield was being sought by the FBI in connection to a series of 2014 DDoS attacks by Anonymous members on Boston Children's hospital which cost the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and disrupted day to day activities for about a week. 

Gottesfield is thought to the the author of a video exhorting hacktivists to descend upon Boston Children's hospital as part of #OpJustina. 

The Justina in question, Justina Pelletier, was held as a ward of the state after her parents were accused of ‘medical abuse', seeking treatment for a disease that doctors did not believe she actually had.


Gottesfield was arrested on Wednesday when the Disney cruise ship came back to Miami. He is facing a charge of conspiracy and a possible sentence of five years in prison.

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