DLP News, Articles and Updates

How DLP must evolve to deal with dynamic new threats

Organisations need to equip themselves with a united view of their entire network, extending from the endpoint through to the cloud - including penetrating through encrypted traffic that could be hiding malicious activity.

Time to upgrade data loss prevention to DLP 2.0

Rui Biscaia discusses how companies can overcome the weaknesses in data loss programmes to make them relevant and effective again.

Sensible Security and the Cloud

Tom Read points out key recommendations one should consider when reviewing their information security strategy

The second coming of DLP: Learning lessons from the past

2015 could be the year of DLP, argues Guy Bunker.

Are digital loss prevention and signature-based anti-virus living on borrowed time?

Should fingerprint-based data leakage protection be declared dead asks Peter Tyrrell, suggesting it just doesn't scale for the hyper-connected world.

SC Awards Europe 2014: The first finalists announced

The first finalists have now been shortlisted for this year's SC Awards Europe 2014. Scroll down the page to see what awards are up for grabs...

A matter of trust

"That won't happen to us, 'cause it's always been a matter of trust." This line from Billy Joel's 1986 hit single could easily describe the approach that many organisations have taken over the past five years to safeguarding the personal, confidential data that they hold.

From data leak prevention to information stewardship

Organisations depend on information to operate, thrive and prosper and the information itself is increasingly the core of the business.