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Why is the US government lagging behind the UK on DMARC anti-spoofing?

The US government has been criticised by a senator for failing to implement DMARC, a proven tool for curtailing the abuse of email domains by spammers and spoofers.

CREST/IISP Con: We have tools to fix it so why's the internet still broken?

Malicious hackers are taking advantage of broken internet infrastructure that could be fixed, said NCSC technical director Ian Levy in his keynote speech yesterday at CRESTCon & IISP Congress 2017.

ICYMI: HMRC/DMARC; Windows Vul; UK-China; IDF hack; Vendor hid attack

In Case You Missed It: HMRC implements DMARC; Windows bug revealed; UK-China cooperation; ViperRat hacks Israeli defence; Supply-chain attack hidden

A cyber-success story: HMRC's road to DMARC implementation

HMRC has successfully stopped 300 million phishing emails sent in its name. SC's Roi Perez met with Ed Tucker, head of cyber-security at HMRC to discuss the body's road to DMARC implementation.

GDS boosts government security with HTTPS/HSTS and DMARC

The Cabinet Office's Government Digital Service has mandated that all UK government agencies should be using HTTPS and DMARC to increase their online defences.

Google to add sender authentication to Gmail

In a bid to protect its users from phishing and malware, Google has adopted the DMARC protocol and will warn users if it can't authenticate the source of emails.

24% increase in DMARC adoption results in plummet of phishing attacks

Thanks to the rising growth of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) adoption, companies are successfully fighting off phishing attacks and domain spoofing.